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AVI makes running your business a piece of cake

Managing multiple

AVI brings them together in one place.
One database for all.

Do you want to reduce your operating cost?

Automate your operation to reduce time & effort. Time is money.

You deliver? And, if not, would you deliver?

Don't worry! AVI integrates with a third party delivery service, you pay as you go.

Sell more , Increase your orders!

Get your own online ordering system (iOS & Android) to access multiple revenue streams.
Zero commission.

Do you want to build a strong brand?

you don't have to spend thousands of euros to build your own mobile app, AVI offers you a custom application to build a strong brand name.

Satisfy & Delight your customer!

Turn every guest into a regular with your loyalty program, one application for all your order types, dine-in, pickup &delivery.

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