Point of sale

For all types of Food & Beverage

Discover your New Restaurant Manager

Manage your restaurant / Bar like a piece of cake
. All you need to manage dine-in, pickup & delivery orders.
. Flexible to add / manage your menu.
. Grow with multi-location management tools to manage everything by location or as a whole.
. Get the data and reports you need to grow, from revenue reports to menu category performance.

Push employees to their limits

Managing restaurant employees is a key concern to all managers, where the number of complaints is the highest among industries, with AVI you will be able to improve the performance of your employees and push them to their limits!
. Goal per day for your employees.
. Measure employee performance.
. Collect feedback from customers through your branded app.

All your delivery orders in one place

. Online store (Branded app IOS&Andorid).
. Integration with third party delivery service.
. No commission! you own all your revenue.
. You own your customer database.
. Your customer can track their orders.
. Different payment methods.

Your Customer is now the only channel.

Retain customers are delivering 23% more revenue and profitability over the average customer.
. One customer database for online & on-site.
. Send notifications & SMS to your customer.
. Create & send promotions.
. Define your Loyalty point program.
. Collect real feedback from your customers.

Time optimisation

Table turnover rate is a key factor in your restaurant’s sales. The faster you seat and serve your guests — getting them in and out — the more profit you’ll rake in.
. Optimize the wait times at your restaurant's tables, your customer can take order through mobile app.
. Intelligent kitchen screen & smart receipt to optimise Kitchen preparation time.


Our restaurant inventory system keeps track of all the inventory movements and gives you real-time, accurate status and alerts.
. Inventory costing.
. Control inventory.
. Menu design.
. Get alerts in real-time.
. Optimize your ordering process.
. Real time dashboard views and reports.
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Din-ine / Pickup
Delivery orders
Customers management
Waiters management
up to 1000 customers
up to 1500 orders per month
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Starter +
Up to 5000 customers
Up to 3 000 orders per month
Extra cashier. +19€
1000 orders per month +20€
Inventory system           +100€
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*Price without taxes
Best Value
Without engagement
Gold +
Up to 15 000 customers
Up to 10 000 orders per month
Extra cashier    +19€
Inventory system           +100€
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